AzWHBC is a multifaceted wild horse and burro advocacy organization based in Phoenix, Arizona. Our primary goal is the representation and protection of wild mustangs and burros across the state of Arizona.

AzWHBC consists of volunteers, experienced equine advisers, and an established board who work together for the following Arizona populations in no particular order;

- Heber Population

- Salt River Population

- Rio Verde Population

- BLM Burro Populations

The AzWHBC facilitates communication among the population managers in conjunction with the Forest Service, Agriculture Department, other entities at the state/federal level as well as the public. They will establish and maintain the wild horse and burro population and heritage.

All Arizona population groups play an integral role in educating the public, raising awareness and working as a cohesive team in the field to document and monitor the herds on a daily basis.

Concurrently, the AzWHBC acts as a coalition partner to maintain ongoing support for the individual Population groups. In the event there is a crisis within any of the individual populations requiring assistance, the individual groups and AzWHBC work in unison. AzWHBC will provide ongoing advisement, guidance and support when and where its needed. Collectively these groups have one goal, consistently advocate for the wild mustang and burros.

Our Promises to You

Wild Horses and Burros protection will always be our number one priority.

AzWHBC is a volunteer based and run organization.

Each individual population group will be treated with respect, integrity, and loyalty.

We are committed to work together in maintaining a moral and ethical representation for the best interest of primarily the wild horse and burro with consideration for:

Individual 501C3 Advocacy Groups

Population Organizations

The General Public

State and National Officials

We want to enable all future generations  to enjoy these beautiful wild horses and burros who contributed historically to navigating and building this great nation. Keep them wild and free......for the story of their lives are the inspiration for great books and movies. Lets keep

them part of our current landscape for all to enjoy this American Icon.